Australian Genomics and partner publications

Ensuring Best Practice in Genomic Education and Evaluation: A Program Logic Approach

Nisselle, A., Martyn, M., Jordan, H., Kaunein, N., McEwen, A., Patel, C., et al. (2019). Frontiers in Genetics.

Precision Medicine Diagnostics for Rare Kidney Disease: Twitter as a Tool in Clinical Genomic Translation

Mallett, A.J., Quinlan, C., Patel, C., Fowles, L., Crawford, J., Gattas, M., et al. (2019). Kidney Medicine.

Australian Genomics Reports

A national clinical genomic consent process: Development of standardised consent materials for clinical genomic testing in Australia.

Prepared by Boughtwood T, Finlay K, on behalf of the National Clinical Genomic Consent Working Group, Australian Genomics. (December 2018).
Updated 20 October 2019.

Our story is your story too: Australian Genomics research highlights

Editor: Illing D, on behalf of Australian Genomics (2019). Authors: Furze A, Munro E, Reddy M, Stanton K. Design and Production: Mediaxpress

Australian Genomics Position Statement: Use of Genomic Information in Life Insurance and related policies.

Belcher A, Boughtwood T, Pearce M and Newson A, on behalf of Australian Genomics (2018). Updated July 2019.

Other genomics publications of interest

PanelApp crowdsources expert knowledge to establish consensus diagnostic gene panels.

Martin, A.R., Williams, E., Foulger, R.E., Leigh, S., Daugherty, L.C., Niblock, O., et al. (2019). Nat Genet.

Healthcare System Priorities for Successful Integration of Genomics: An Australian Focus.

Burns, B.L., Bilkey, G.A., Coles, E.P., Bowman, F.L., Beilby, J.P., Pachter, N.S., et al. (2019). Frontiers in Public Health.