Providing clear and concise information during the consent process.

Genomic testing raises complex issues, with a number of possible testing outcomes and potential implications for the individual and their family. Providing patients with clear and concise information during the consent process is critical to support well-informed decisions about testing.

Currently, genetic services within Australian states and territories take an individualised approach to clinical genomics consent. This can be a barrier to the flow of health information across jurisdictional borders and can confuse the interpretation of laws and policies about sharing genomic data for clinical or research purposes.

A clinical genomic consent form for national use across genetic conditions.

The Australian Genomics National Consent Working Group was formed with the remit of undertaking a consultative process to inform the development of a clinical genomic consent form for national use across genetic conditions.

Current clinical and research consent forms were evaluated by the Working Group through a survey process. Survey data was used to draft a consent form which was reviewed by the Working Group. An information package to support the consent form was developed using a similar iterative consultation processes.

The consent package has now been finalised: see below item 1 – consent form, and item 2 – supporting information. We would be grateful for feedback on this consent package from interested individuals and organisations.

How to provide your feedback.

Please use the consultation form (item 3 below) to provide your feedback. Return the completed consultation form to

Download from the links below:

  1. Clinical consent form for genomic testing
  2. Clinical consent supporting information
  3. Clinical consent consultation form

Submissions will close on Sunday 17th of June.

Thank you for your input into this initiative. 

Questions? Please contact Working Group coordinator, Keri Pereira at