Australian Genomics has officially entered its next phase after securing federal funding for the period 2021 to 2023.

The three-year Australian Government grant, administered by the NHMRC, will progress our mission to support genomic research and its translation into clinical practice.

The next phase will build on the foundation of research, partnerships and international networks established in the past five years of Australian Genomics to ensure genomic advances continue to be integrated into research, policy and healthcare practices.

“This is an important step in our development,” said Australian Genomics Lead Professor Kathryn North.

The infrastructure and evidence we have generated in the past five years will be used to underpin genomic research and inform future strategic decisions by government.”

Australian Genomics will no longer deliver its own research flagships.

In the next three years our work will span five broad domains:

  • Research: Leverage and expand our established networks and research capabilities to progress a sustainable, nationally-coordinated approach to government-funded genomic research that improves research efficiency, effectiveness and impact.
  • Data: Facilitate the development of a national, ethically-framed approach to genomic data management, storage and sharing to enhance research, stimulate industry and accelerate clinical translation
  • Policy: Partner with Commonwealth, State and Territory Departments of Health to inform policy development
  • Reach: Drive collaboration and engagement on global health initiatives; involve the public and community to jointly develop genomic research priorities; work with industry bodies to identify and nurture opportunities for commercial translation and economic growth
  • Health: Partner with the clinical, diagnostic and research communities to effectively communicate genomic research advances to inform healthcare delivery; support workforce development and genomic literacy; and work towards the sustainable and appropriate translation of genomic advances into the Australian health care system.