Our origins

Australian Genomics is made up of more than 70 partner organisations committed to integrating genomic medicine into healthcare across Australia.

Our goals are to shorten diagnosis times, enable early intervention and provide access to treatment for people with genetic disorders. Our research is developing the knowledge to translate genomic technology into clinical practice so patients and their families benefit.

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Australian Genomics began meeting in 2014 as a group committed to improving access to genomic healthcare, and we have since expanded to include organisations from all around Australia and overseas - our members include clinical genetics services, research institutes, public pathology laboratories, hospitals, universities, professional bodies and patient advocacy groups.

In 2015, Australian Genomics was awarded a $25 million grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) Targeted Call for Research into Preparing Australia for the Genomics Revolution in Healthcare.

Over the course of this five-year grant, we aim to make Australia a global leader in genomic medicine by providing the best evidence and policy advice to the Government, state agencies, hospitals and health providers. By seamlessly and sustainably integrating this technology into our healthcare system, all Australians will benefit.

The challenge

Genomic medicine has the potential to transform how we deliver healthcare. It promises better patient outcomes and a more efficient health system through rapid diagnosis, early intervention, prevention and targeted therapy.

However, the widespread use of genomics in clinical practice is not yet a reality.