Integrating genomics into healthcare

Australian Genomics is a national research collaboration of clinicians, researchers and diagnostic geneticists working together to provide evidence for the equitable, effective and sustainable delivery of genomic medicine in healthcare. Our major funder is the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Australian Genomics unites 80 organisations, including the clinical and diagnostic genetics services across the nation, along with major research and academic institutions. We work with state-based genomics initiatives, engage closely with state and federal government and we play a significant role in driving genomic health implementation and policy internationally.

We engage more than 400 researchers and collaborators across the country, overseen by a National Steering Committee and Implementation Committee, with Independent and Community Advisory Groups providing expert advice and public perspectives to our work. 

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Over the course of our five-year research grant, we aim to make Australia a global leader in genomic medicine by providing the best evidence and policy advice to governments, state agencies, hospitals and health providers. By seamlessly and sustainably integrating genomic technology into our healthcare system, all Australians will benefit.

Our purpose

We aim to:

  • Provide strategies to government for the equitable, effective and sustainable delivery of genomic medicine in healthcare.
  • Ensure genomic and medical data is stored safely and shared responsibly to increase our understanding of health and disease.
  • Build Australia's research and clinical expertise in genomic medicine.
  • Enhance Australia's gene discovery, functional genomics and drug discovery research capacity.
  • Advance a new era in clinical delivery, where the patient is informed, involved and empowered.
  • Promote ethical, legal and social responsibility in the application of genomic knowledge.


The challenge

Genomic medicine has the potential to transform how we deliver healthcare. It promises better patient outcomes and a more efficient health system through rapid diagnosis, early intervention, prevention and targeted therapy.

However, the widespread use of genomics in clinical practice is not yet a reality.