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Integrating genomics into healthcare

Genomic technology is a relatively new and disruptive technology in healthcare. Its successful implementation relies on whole-of-system change. Genomic medicine has the potential to transform how we deliver healthcare. It promises better patient outcomes and a more efficient health system through rapid diagnosis, early intervention, prevention and targeted therapy.

In the next five years, genomic data from an estimated 60 million patients globally is expected to be generated from health care. The volume and complexity of that data – and how it is accessed, shared and applied – are enormous. So too are the associated issues around genomic medicine such as data storage, ethics and privacy, nationally-consistent practices, patient access, economic impact and workforce capability.

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The Australian Genomics Health Alliance (Australian Genomics) was launched in 2016 to address many of these challenges and to build the evidence to inform the integration of genomic medicine into mainstream healthcare.

We were established with a National Health and Medical Research Council grant in 2016 and now manage over $55M delivering genomic projects with additional funding from philanthropy and the Genomics Health Futures Mission.

What we do

Australian Genomics coordinates, funds and conducts research through a national network of more than 100 partners and collaborators, including hospitals, universities, research institutes and centres, sequencing laboratories and community organisations across all states and territories.

Our network comprises more than 400 people who play an important role in driving genomic health implementation and policy internationally.

Our values

  • Promote ethical, legal and social responsibility in the application of genomic knowledge
  • Ensure the safe, responsible and appropriate use and storage of genomic and medical data
  • Ensure patients and their families are treated with respect and dignity at all times
  • Promote responsible sharing of genomic and clinical data
  • Facilitate the equitable uptake of, and access to, genomic medicine
  • Foster an informed and inclusive community of understanding around genomic healthcare

Our research highlights

Our research magazine, Our story is your story tooshowcases the collaborative and wide-reaching impact of our work, as we build the evidence for the integration of genomics into mainstream healthcare.

Read about how our clinical flagships and program areas are transforming the way we think about and approach this transition.

We hope you enjoy the remarkable stories of Australian Genomics.

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Our research highlights