Program 4 – Workforce and Education

The successful implementation of genomics in healthcare will depend upon the availability of a workforce able to deliver genomic medicine and its acceptance on both clinical and ethical grounds by health professionals, patients and their families.

It is widely accepted that the Australian health system workforce is not sufficiently literate in genomics to optimally incorporate it into their current roles.

Australia needs an integrated approach to developing a workforce in genomic medicine to minimise duplication of effort, leverage existing resources and support good clinical and ethical practice. 

The ‘Genomics workforce, education and ethics’ research program is applying quantitative and qualitative methods to identify the current landscape with respect to workforce education and training, patient understanding and ethics.

Outcomes from this research program will inform the development and delivery of training programs for genetic and genomic education by our partners and other providers of relevant education and training in Australia.

We are, in addition, carrying out research to understand the patient perspective on genomic testing, determine the ethical, legal and policy issues regarding data sharing, and conduct a theoretical ethical analysis of genomic testing.