Australian Genomics building a ‘genomic learning community.’

News > Published on 25 February 2019 > By merryn.pearce

Image: Australian Genomic members’ genomic learning community in 2016 (at left) and then 2018 (at right) – showing how Australian Genomics has facilitated the explosion of collaboration in the field. 

The large national research network that is Australian Genomics has itself been the subject of a study.

Researchers from the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at Macquarie University studied Australian Genomics as an example of a complex adaptive system. Using a social network census to understand the social influences and interactions within the network, they found that Australian Genomics fostered collaboration by strategically building a “genomic learning community.”

“Hands-on learning” and “making group decisions” were the most significant factors influencing genomic practice.

See more detail on the study outcomes, available now in BMC Medicine.

Image source: Long JC, Pomare C, Best S, Boughtwood T, North K, Ellis LA, Churruca K, Braithwaite J. Building a learning community of Australian clinical genomics: a social network study of the Australian Genomic Health Alliance. BMC Medicine. 2019. 17 (1) : 44.