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News > Published on 26 September 2018 > By merryn.pearce

Genomic medicine is increasingly employed in clinical care of individuals with common and rare disease, although its implementation is still slow relative to the promise this technology holds. One of the major barriers to use of genomic medicine is limited provider awareness and knowledge, based on the rapid pace of development in this field, but also its lack of incorporation into medical curricula and medical education training. There has been much debate as to when increased education of genetic testing and genomics should occur. 

The aim of this project is to assess the current understanding and knowledge of genomics in medical students across Australia and New Zealand. 

We have developed a short survey using REDCap to better understand the capabilities of medical students entering the healthcare workforce in Australia and New Zealand with regards to genetic testing and genomic medicine. As it is thought that genomics and personalised medicine will continue to grow in the coming years, it is especially important that we understand the current education level of those entering the medical field. 

The study is the focus of an article in The Australian today. Access the article here.

How can I find out more?

This survey is a joint activity of our Rare Disease Flagships and Workforce & Education Program. This project is led by Guy Helman and Dr. Andrew Mallett and several other members of Australian Genomics. For any questions or concerns, please contact Guy Helman (

How do I participate?

Click here to participate in the study.