Australian Genomics convenes international workshop of genomics education and evaluation experts.

News > Published on 30 April 2018 > By merryn.pearce

Evaluation framework for genomics education.

Australian Genomics' Workforce, Education & Ethics program recently convened and hosted an international workshop to develop a comprehensive evaluation framework for genomics education. Twenty-four experts in genomics education and evaluation attended from Australia, the UK, USA and Canada, including Dr Teri Manolio, Director of Genomic Medicine, National Human Genome Research Institute.

A scaffold that can be used at various stages across activity and resource development.

The framework will support the development of high quality genomics resources both nationally and internationally, including by Program 4 Working Group members and collaborators, by providing a scaffold that can be used at various stages across activity and resource development, from helping recognise an educational need through to evaluating impact.


Pictured: L-R: Dr Helen Jordan, University of Melbourne; Dr Amy Nisselle, Australian Genomics; Dr Stephanie Best, Australian Genomics; Dr Chirag Patel, Queensland Genomics; Dr Melissa Martyn, Melbourne Genomics; Ms Kate Dunlop, Centre for Genetics Education; Dr Michelle Bishop, Genomics Education Program, UK; Ms Fiona Lynch, University of Melbourne; Prof Teri Manolio, NHGRI, USA; Prof Sylvia Metcalfe, University of Melbourne; Ms Fiona Cunningham, Melbourne Genomics; A/Prof Clara Gaff, Melbourne Genomics; Ms Bronwyn Terrill, Garvan Institute of Medical Research; A/Prof Agnes Dodds, University of Melbourne; Dr Mike Dougherty, GenomEducation Consulting, USA; Dr June Carroll, Genetics Education Canada – Knowledge Organization, Canada; Ms Kate Reed, The Jackson Laboratory, USA; Dr Alison McEwen, University of Technology Sydney; Dr Jean Jenkins, Clinical Genomics Consultant, USA; Prof Brenda Wilson, University of Ottawa, Canada; Dr Belinda McClaren, Australian Genomics; Ms Erin Crellin, University of Melbourne.