A whole-of-system approach

Australian Genomics (AGHA) is preparing Australia for the integration of genomic medicine into healthcare. We are providing the evidence needed to transform the diagnostic process, inform the healthcare workforce, and to show how genomics is best delivered in the clinical setting.

Research programs: building knowledge

Our recommendations are being derived from four key research programs, each addressing different challenges in the integration of genomic medicine:

  1. A national diagnostic and translational research network
  2. A national approach to data federation and analysis
  3. Economic analysis and policy implications for the health system
  4. Genomic workforce, education and ethics

Research is being carried out across all states and territories, with national coordination through AGHA. Combining the findings from this research with health economic analyses, we will be able to develop policies to transform our health system.

We are investigating the ethical implications of delivering genomic medicine and provide an evaluation framework for genomic education programs across Australia.

Disease flagships

Cancer and Rare Disease are the two disease flagships that will be used as examples for implementation across the health system. These flagships are areas in which genomics currently has the greatest potential to benefit patients, as well as areas in which Australia has strong clinical, diagnostic and research expertise.

Patients from across Australia will be recruited into the Flagship projects, and the data from their clinical care will drive national diagnostic networks and provide evidence on the benefits of genomic medicine.  This will be used to help develop educational, ethical and policy recommendations to establish sustainable funding mechanisms for genomic medicine.